Codes of Conduct

All Members (means Club Members, Associate Members and Affiliate Members) of Sundays Well Swimming Club.

Please be advised of Swim Ireland Rules as follows:

3.2 All Members, Clubs and Regions are bound by and must comply with the rules and regulations contained in the following documents (as amended from time to time)*:

  1. Swim Ireland’s M&A
  2. Swim Ireland’s Rule Book
  3. The Irish Sports Council’s and Sport Northern Ireland’s Code of Ethics and Good Practice in Children’s Sport in Ireland
  4. Swim Ireland’s Child Welfare Guidelines and Regulations
  5. Swim Ireland’s Codes of Conduct
  6. Swim Ireland’s Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures
  7. The Irish Anti-Doping Rules (or equivalent rules produced by the Irish Sports Council) and the FINA Technical and Anti-Doping Regulations
  8. Swim Ireland’s, LEN’s and FINA’s Competition Rules
  9. Applicable Regional Bodies’ and Clubs’ constitutional documents, rules and regulations
  10. any other rules, directions and regulations adopted by the Board.

The membership are advised that by applying for club membership and paying for same, you are committed to the Club rules and regulations and the club’s codes of conduct in keeping with Swim Ireland