Fee Structure 2023-2024

Membership Fees (per annum)

Family Membership €160
Single Child Membership €95
Single Adult Membership €115
Full Time Student in Masters €35
Administrative Membership €20

Swim Ireland Insurance Fees (per annum)

  • First family member
  • Second family member
  • Third & subsequent family members
  • First family member
  • Second family member
  • Third & subsequent family members

Competitive Squad Fees (per month)

Senior €130
Intermediate €110
Development Squad €80

Junior Squad Fees (per 17 week term)

Junior 4h €65

Teaching Group Fees (per 17 week term)

1 session €170
2 session €285


Per Session €7

Pool Booking Procedure:


The following criteria MUST be adhered to if lodging a complaint to Sundays Well Swimming Club

Prior to lodging a complaint please refer to Swim Ireland Complaints and Disciplinary Rules and Procedures. These can be downloaded from the Swim Ireland web site.

  • An informal complaint can be made to either the Chairperson or Secretary of the Management Committee (EMAIL ADDRESS DETAILS ON CONTACTS PAGE). An informal complaint can only be made in writing.
  • The Secretary or Chair shall appoint another Officer/Member to act as an informal neutral party, who does not sit on the Complaints and Disciplinary. The respondent will be informed at an early stage as per the guidelines and a resolution to the complaint will be sought within a reasonable time frame eg. 10/14 days.
  • If the complainant is not satisfied with the resolution or if a resolution cannot be obtained within a reasonable time frame, the complainant then has the option of submitting the complaint in writing along with an application fee of €50 to the independent SWSC Formal Complaints Committee. The letter and fee can be forwarded to Chairperson, or Secretary.
  • The formal complaint will then be dealt in accordance with procedures as set out in Swim Ireland Complaints and Disciplinary Rules and Disciplinary Procedures, Sept 2009.

Note : The fee of €50 will be refunded if the complaint is upheld.

SWSC Committee

Photos and Videos at Events/Training:

Swim Ireland Filming and Photography Policy