Club President: Tom Cross
Chairperson: Noelle Cassidy
Vice Chairperson:
Secretary/Affiliation Secretary: Iryna Semchiy
Assistant Secretary: Ann-Marie Byrne
Competition Secretary: Alan Feenan
Treasurer: Emma Coleman
Assistant Treasurer: Anne Wolfe
Director of Coaching: Richard Cassidy
Head Teacher: Tammy Kenny
Masters Representative: Margot Powell
Ordinary Members: Bernard Lynch
Michael Murphy
Ann Curtin


Head Coach: Richard Cassidy
Coaches: Deirdre Cunningham

Club Children’s Officer (Definition & Role of CCO – Click here):

Club Children’s Officer: Leonie Galland

Lifetime Honorary Members (What is a Honorary Member? – Click here):

Honorary Members: Mary Bowles
Tom Cross
Jim Martin
Mary O’Herlihy
Tagney Family
Maureen Simpson
Brian O’Donnell
Kevin Twohig
Dave O’Dowling
Stephanie Giltinan
Pat Madden
Joan Coppinger