Club Update March 2021

We hope that you are all keeping well during these challenging times.

The Sundays Well Swimming Club Committee continues to meet monthly. Our most recent meeting was Monday 1 March. And it’s timely to update you.  

Our objective is to keep as many members as actively engaged as possible through this period and to take opportunities to develop the Club so that we have a stronger Club when COVID restrictions are lifted than we had when they were introduced.

The Club is committed to providing pool-based swimming for competitive, non-competitive and masters swimmers as soon as COVID restrictions allow, we will provide open water swimming as an alternative where possible and our coaches continue to provide regular sessions for fitness and fun.

Meanwhile we are investing for the future.

Coaches and Committee Members are working with Swim Munster and Swim Ireland to develop technical and committee skills. Rob Lamb is on the Swim Munster Pathway Development Committee and Richard Cassidy is on the Swim Ireland Performance Advisory Group. These are important opportunities to influence decisions regarding competitions, performance matters and the selection of representative teams, and Committee members are involved in Swim Ireland meetings and workshops on club development.

Our Coaches plan, prepare, deliver and follow-up on virtual sessions, working hard to keep them interesting and engaging, researching the best of ideas from Swim Ireland and other sources.

When we return to the pool, we expect to have installed a large display screen, a valuable coaching aid, funded through a Cork City Council Sports Capital Grant, and a new music system to enhance training sessions. And we have just submitted a Sports Capital Grant application which, if successful, will allow us to be the first swimming club in Ireland to have a pace light system for pool work and resistance training equipment for pool work.

It is important to emphasise that the Club is run on a non-profit basis. Our objective is that income equals outgoings every year. However, we project that the Club will operate with a deficit this year where outgoings will exceed income over the course of the year. Given the uncertainty, it is very difficult to project what this deficit will be, and therefore it’s very difficult to manage the Club finances. For the moment, our aim is to adapt our fee structure month by month so that it is appropriate to the circumstances and fair to all members.

The next Club Committee meeting is Tues 5 April and we look forward to having positive news about returning to water then.

Meanwhile, we welcome support from all members as we work through challenging times.

Pat O’Driscoll,


Sundays Well Swimming Club

SWSC President Notes January 2021

I want to begin by wishing all competitors, their parents, our coaches and teachers, committee and sub-committees, and all members-including Masters, a very Happy New Year. Two thousand and twenty one should eventually be much better than 2020 because of the roll out of the vaccines. However, it is obvious that it will take some months to get out of the present serious situation. Meanwhile let’s be as positive as possible!

Thank you all for your efforts and major enthusiasm in 2020. Swimmers- you did far more land work than in previous years, and this increased athleticism transferred to the pool, allowing you to maintain or even improve competitive times. We will continue with remote exercise sessions this month. If you have ideas of other things the club might offer, then let us know.

Competitive swimmers are by definition extremely organised individuals. They have to be to balance academic life at school or college with the demands of elite swimming. (And they are often the best scholars!) With lockdowns and remote learning it may be necessary to plan your own days. The most important thing is not to feel isolated either academically, swimming-wise or socially. Ask questions! Keep in regular contact with your friends.

Several of you are in your Leaving Certificate year. If you are finding the demands of swimming too much, then work out a reduced programme with your coaches. But do not quit altogether! You have probably heard about the findings of an English neurologist that aerobic exercise improves brain function and academic performance. We hope you will continue to swim for the next few years. Most people can improve greatly in their early 20s with a good programme. Let us know if we can help with future choices!

You were all very enthusiastic in the pre-Christmas time trials. Unfortunately, the progress of the pandemic prevented these from being completed properly. The Swim Ireland idea was to introduce a virtual competition between clubs, including those from Britain. The first competitions allowed this spring will probably be intra club time trials and your coaches will work with SI to introduce a major inter-club competitive element.

When you got back in the water in early December it was envisaged that the SC Nationals would go ahead. Twenty eight of our swimmers qualified-a record number! However this format was cancelled because of the disease situation, much to the disappointment of most of our Senior squad. The meet went ahead in NAC Dublin in a much reduced form, restricted to elite swimmers (National squad members) and Paralympic Tokyo “possibles”. It was also decided to run SC events in the morning and LC of the same events in the evening. This is an arrangement that had been run in the USA earlier in 2020 and is very tough for the swimmers. We had two swimmers involved; Andrew Feenan who is on the National Squad and has been training in NAC Limerick with John Szaranek since the end of the first lockdown in July and is enrolled in UL, and Paralympian Sean O’Riordan who is in 3rd Speech & Language Therapy in UCC and holds a Sports Scholarship there. Andrew recorded a great series of breast stroke PBs-the 50, 100 and 200 LC; and 100 and 200 SC, where his 1:02.01 and 2:14.30 were club records. This was in a meet where there were very few PBs. Sean recorded PBs in the 50 freestyle and breaststroke and was near his best in the 400 SC free, but struggled in the LC event; the latter demonstrating the effect of the lockdown on fitness for longer events. Much more difficult qualifying times have been introduced for the Tokyo Paralympics than for the previous World Championships (in which Sean qualified), and the 400 freestyle is the only event in which he is in reach of qualifying.

Meanwhile our US member Liam Custer was far less affected by lockdown since he trains in a club-controlled outdoor 50m pool in Florida with Sarasota Sharks. This pool is 25 yards wide and was set up during 2020 with a large number of SCY lanes with two swimmers in each maximising social distancing by starting from opposite ends. Outdoor meets were also possible and Liam recorded a remarkable series of LCM times in late autumn (Free: 200 1:55.46; 400 3:58.14; 800 8:09.69; 1500 15:35.69; 200 Back 2:05.29; 400 IM 4:28.23). Both the 800 and 1500 qualify for the US Olympic trials and importantly surpass the current Irish Junior Records. These records are for U19 swimmers and Liam is currently 16! We look forward to him swimming with SWSC when he is next permitted to visit Ireland.

Tom Cross

SWSC President

Club Update January 2021

The last 10 months have been an incredible journey of resilience, determination, commitment and we are not finished yet.

Our qualified coaches, led by Richard and Rob, have put together a programme designed to maintain swim fitness while keeping our swimmers motivated, connected to their friends and engaged with the Club, and we have restarted regular zoom sessions to support this. The Strength & Conditioning aspect of the programme is specifically designed for swimming and it’s important that swimmers engage with these sessions in the same way that they engage with pool sessions.
This approach has ensured that all swimmers have maintained good levels of fitness in the past. And we look forward to swimmers returning to the water and ready for competitive action in the near future

I would encourage you as parents to support your athletes as you probably understand better that consistency in our everyday habits and practices are what separates the great from the good. It is not what we do once in a while, it is what we do everyday that matters.

SWSC, along with many other sporting clubs continues to experience a significant financial impact linked to COVID restrictions on the number of swimmers allowed in the pool at any one time. As a result, and in order to ensure that we can continue to support squad swimmers during lockdown periods when we are not in the pool, it is necessary for the club to start charging reduced fees during lockdown periods.

I know that SWSC athletes, coaches, teachers, volunteers, committee members and parents will continue to persevere and meet these challenges head on. There is light at the end of the tunnel. We haven’t come this far to only come this far. The future will be bright so stay positive, stay connected, stay disciplined, stick with it, wake up early and get it done.

Kind Regards,
SWSC committee

Swim Ireland Masters Newsletter January 2021


Notice to all Members

The AGM of SWSC will take place


Tuesday 13th October 2020

at 7.00 p.m.


Nominations for Office and Notice of Motions should be emailed to

by Tuesday, 29th September 2020.

All Nominations and Notice of Motions must be proposed and seconded by members of SWSC.

Agenda, Notice of Motions and nominations for the Management Committee shall be displayed on the website

From 6th October, 2020.

Dated the 28th of September 2020. Nominations are invited for Assistant Secretary and two Ordinary members. Where more than one valid nomination per position is received an election will be held.

SWSC Committee

Swim Ireland Newsletter September 2020

SWSC Committee

Swim Ireland Newsletter August 2020

SWSC Committee

Liam Custer now ranked number one in the USA for the 15/16 year old 400 yard IM!

Liam Custer, who lives and trains in Florida with Sarasota Sharks but is also a member of SWSC, has recorded the fastest time in the USA this season in the 15/16 age group 400 IM in a 25 yard pool, recording a time of 3:48.81. Well done Liam!

That time converts to 4:13.97 for SCM, which is better than the current Junior (U 19) and Senior Irish records. He also recorded the ninth fastest 200 yards freestyle in the age group in the USA this season in a time that converts to 1:48 SCM. His 400 IM converted time is a great improvement on the 4:21.89 which he recorded in the 2019 Irish SC Nationals last December where he finished second in the Senior event. He might have competed with SWSC in the Irish Summer Nationals this July but these were cancelled due to the pandemic.

I visited Liam and his family in Sarasota last September. Liam trains outdoors in a pool that is 65m long and can be set up for ten 50m lanes or, as used for most training sessions, as twenty seven 25 yard lanes. That’s great, but the crucial things are he never misses a session and trains almost 50% more than we do in normal times. He also specialises in the longer events (400/ 800/ 1500 free; 200/400 IM, 200 back & fly).
With the present regulations governing the return to training, Swim Ireland following Government Health recommendations, mandated that Senior squads and Masters would be the first groups back. Currently training times are more time restricted than pre-covid. However, you are all being very good in complying with these restrictions and I am told you are going really well in training. Richard Cassidy tells me that you look as if you just missed three weeks rather than three months! Training for the Seniors will continue in Leisure World until August 7, then there will be a two week break while works proceed in that facility. This two week break coincides with that recommended by Ben Higson, Senior National Coach, for the elite Irish team preparing for the Olympics.
It’s very important to maximise your training time so if you have already qualified for the Munster Regional Squads make sure you attend each and every session. If you have yet to qualify, then qualification should be your short term aim (do you know the Munster and Irish squad qualifying times in your age group?).
In relation to the National squad, only Andrew Feenan is currently qualified from Cork. Since that squad returned to the pool Andrew has been training first at the NAC in Dublin and now in the University of Limerick (UL) pool, and tells us he is rapidly getting back his water fitness. As Richard told you he has been awarded a swimming scholarship by UL beginning in September. Well done Andrew!
Finally let me assure you that the Committee and coaches are actively working to restart activities (Senior, Intermediate and Junior squads; the Learn to Swim programme) in Douglas (of course, within Government health regulations). Watch this space for plans for August 24 onwards!

Tom Cross

SWSC President

Swim Ireland Newsletter June 2020

SWSC Committee

COVID-19 Update

Dear Members,

The Sundays Well Swimming Club Committee is working proactively to re-establish all club activities as quickly as possible in compliance with Government regulations and with the support and guidance of Swim Ireland.

I’m pleased to let you know that we have taken the first steps towards getting back in the water. Our senior competitive squad will start sessions in a specially constructed open water pool at Cork Powerboat and Waterski Club on Inniscarra Lake on 11 June, we expect to resume limited pool sessions on 29 June and this will continue over the summer. We expect to be able to offer pool access to our Masters swimmers from 6 July. We will continue the zoom based fitness and fun sessions with the intermediate and junior squads until late June and will then break for the summer returning to the pool in late August. And we are working towards resuming our learn to swim sessions in September. 

All sessions will run in strict compliance with Government and Swim Ireland guidelines on social distancing and this will affect pool capacity, training routines, use of changing and shower facilities, entry to and exit from the pool and travel to and from the pool. And we will require extra support from parents to ensure the health and safety of swimmers and their families.

Further details will be communicated through coaches as they become available.

As you know the situation is evolving. The Club Committee is reviewing the situation daily and will make further decisions as necessary and communicate updates regularly on our Club Website and WhatsApp channels.

Swim Ireland have introduced a number of initiatives to support Clubs including a range of online courses and forums for committee members, coaches, volunteers, parents and swimmers. We’d encourage you to take advantage as relevant 

And Swim Ireland publish regular updates on the Return to Water programme at that are also very valuable.

Thanks to coaches for adapting so positively to the situation in recent months, to swimmers for engaging with such enthusiasm and fun and to parents for your support and patience. 

We will no doubt face further challenges in the months ahead as we strive to support as many swimmers as possible with the constraints we face.

If you have any questions or can help in any way, feel free to contact your Coach, the Children’s Club Officer or Secretary as appropriate.

Stay safe and well.

Yours Sincerely,

Eamon Curtin


SWSC Committee