McCullagh International

Swim Ireland’s messages regarding spectators at the McCullagh International:

As we step up preparations for the return to Bangor for the exciting McCullagh International, Swim Ireland & Swim Ulster are pleased to announce that every session of the 2022 McCullagh International will be livestreamed via Swim Ireland’s YouTube.

Like all our clubs, athletes, and supporters we have been excited to get back to competition this season. Keeping our athletes and volunteers safe, whilst providing a fun environment are of the upmost importance to us. With the large number of entries and with the health and safety of all attending the competition a priority, we have taken the difficult decision to not allow spectators at this event.

The capacity limit in Bangor Aurora spectator area is 960. With 600+ swimmers entered, their support teams, our officials and staff all set to be at the venue, which will total 800+, it would not be possible to ensure the health and safety for everyone in attendance.

At all times when organising events during the COVID-19 pandemic, our priority has been ensuring we offer the safest possible environment. We also try and implement social distancing wherever possible, and will have designated areas for each club. And so, on this occasion we feel that due to space pressures in the Bangor Aurora gallery it would be an unnecessary risk to allow spectators.

We hope all who wished to intend as a spectator can understand the steps we have taken and will instead enjoy the McCullagh International from the comfort of their homes.

McCullagh International Officials Rota:

SWSC Committee

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