Swim Ireland COVID-19 Update

Dear Clubs,
Thank you for your continued support over the last 2 years as we have negotiated the changing landscape created by the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Irish Government announced updated Public Health Measures on Friday 21st January and having reviewed the Northern Ireland Public Health Guidelines we have updated the COVID-19 guidance for all Swim Ireland clubs (ROI & NI)
We would remind clubs that COVID-19 is still present and is a cause for concern. We want our clubs and members to enjoy the sporting and social elements of our aquatic sports, whilst maintaining the diligence shown throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. An outbreak of COVID-19 cases in a club can have an impact on squads and teams by not being able to train or compete, which we want to avoid.
We would remind clubs and members of the following:

  • Lead COVID Officer role to remain in place. Clubs are not required to have a COVID Officer on duty for each session.
  • Junior clubs are required to have a Person on Duty for each session.
  • Face coverings should be worn by spectators and by athletes when not in water
  • Club members should stay home if they feel unwell.
  • Club members should follow the relevant close contact guidance based on their age, vaccination status and jurisdiction. (ROI close contact information / NI close contact information)
  • Clubs should maintain vigilance and encourage members to maintain high standards of personal hygiene

The main changes to COVID-19 restrictions for our clubs and members to note are as follows:

  • Social distancing requirements have been removed – full contact training can resume for all club members
  • Sport events and matches can take place after 8pm
  • Restrictions on spectators have been removed – we will follow up with clubs and regions shortly to provide support on best practice guidance for managing spectators at events over the coming months.
  • Pods are no longer required for Masters/ Adult clubs
  • COVID-19 pass is not required to access training or events

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact your club support officer.

Clubs and Community Team

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