Club Update January 2021

The last 10 months have been an incredible journey of resilience, determination, commitment and we are not finished yet.

Our qualified coaches, led by Richard and Rob, have put together a programme designed to maintain swim fitness while keeping our swimmers motivated, connected to their friends and engaged with the Club, and we have restarted regular zoom sessions to support this. The Strength & Conditioning aspect of the programme is specifically designed for swimming and it’s important that swimmers engage with these sessions in the same way that they engage with pool sessions.
This approach has ensured that all swimmers have maintained good levels of fitness in the past. And we look forward to swimmers returning to the water and ready for competitive action in the near future

I would encourage you as parents to support your athletes as you probably understand better that consistency in our everyday habits and practices are what separates the great from the good. It is not what we do once in a while, it is what we do everyday that matters.

SWSC, along with many other sporting clubs continues to experience a significant financial impact linked to COVID restrictions on the number of swimmers allowed in the pool at any one time. As a result, and in order to ensure that we can continue to support squad swimmers during lockdown periods when we are not in the pool, it is necessary for the club to start charging reduced fees during lockdown periods.

I know that SWSC athletes, coaches, teachers, volunteers, committee members and parents will continue to persevere and meet these challenges head on. There is light at the end of the tunnel. We haven’t come this far to only come this far. The future will be bright so stay positive, stay connected, stay disciplined, stick with it, wake up early and get it done.

Kind Regards,
SWSC committee

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