Swim Ireland Blended Level 2 Coaching Award

The Munster Regional management Committee have agreed to provide financial support for all regional club members who wish to undertake the Swim Ireland Blended Level 2 Coaching Award. This support will be valued at 25% of the current course fee and will be subject to the following conditions:

·         All candidates must be current members of a Munster Region Swimming Club.

·         Those receiving support must attend and assist at two full Regional Squad days under the direction of the appointed head coach.

·         The agreed subsidy will only be paid on completion of the Level 2 Coaching course and after assisting on the two agreed squad days.

·         The rate of financial support will be reviewed on an annual basis in line with annual budgets.

·         Applications for financial support must be made in writing to the Honorary Regional Secretary in advance of the course closing date.

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