Mallow Regional Qualifying Meet 14-15th Oct. – Gala Roster

Hi all.
Please find below, officials roster for the Mallow Gala 14/15 Oct 2017.
If you cannot do your slot, please swop with someone else. Thank you for your help.
Warm-up 9am, start 10am

Session1 Saturday
TM: Neddie Irwin
Nick Myers
TK: Rachel Farr
Lucy Harty
Paul Higgins

Session 2 Saturday
TM: Zara Byrne
Cian O’Riordan
TK: Emma McGrath
Sean Herlihy
Alex Walsh

Session 3 Sunday
TM: Thomas Noel
John Curtin
TK: Ryan Cotter
Ben Cudmore
Ellen Lee

Session 4 Sunday
TM: Vicky Sarkany
Sharon Semichy
TK: Lydia Punch
Penny Semple
Emily Wolfe

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