Dolphin Open 2017

First of all I wanted to thank you for your support of the Dolphin Open Gala, we are looking forward to hosting you for a great weekend of competition.


Ahead of the gala, we just wanted to draw your attention to a few points, which we would appreciate if you could distribute to your coaches, parents and swimmers


  1. Personal cameras will not be permitted on the deck, with the exception of a single, designated club photographer. The club photographer must register their name at the officials table. Personal photographs may be taken outside of the pool deck. Similarly phone calls must be taken outside of the deck area.


  1. For those familiar with the Mayfield Complex, we have adjusted the logistics slightly and the call area will now be located in the sports hall. From there swimmers will be directed through the changing rooms to deck. This will leave the pool area much clearer for officials and coaches. The call area will be clearly sign posted.


Dolphin SC

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