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Notice Board

Pedestrian Access to Douglas Pool


Please refrain from using the pedestrian laneway alongside Douglas Swimming Pool for the early morning sessions. A number of complaints have been received by the Gardai from elderly residents in the vicinity who are being disturbed by cars driving up the pedestrian access.

The Committee

Assessments Explained

Each swimmer is assessed at a certain level depending on ability. If, for example, a swimmer is being assessed within a group at level 2 there are two results possible either they pass 2a or 2b.

2a means they have a lot of the requirements for that level but they are not being performed to the required standard, 2b means they have passed level 2 and their next assessment should be level 3.

In the case of a swimmer not reaching the standard of level 2a they will be assessed at level 1b and will pass this level. This means that there will be no child going home feeling they did not pass the appropriate level. All children will be given a cert for the level they passed.

After the assessments children will not necessarily move group but will be taught the programme at the next level. This should mean they continue to progress their standard of swimming. It should also aid us in ensuring children are taught in the appropriate group going forward. Some children will need to repeat a level as some elements of swimming take time to perfect and we don‘t all learn at the same pace.

Tric Kearney
Head Teacher

Any parent/guardian wishing to speak to their child’s coach is requested to approach the coach after the session or write a note and a suitable time to meet can be arranged.