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Competitive swimming in Munster and Ireland is organised such that, in the early stages of competition, a swimmer competes against those of a similar ability within age group bands. These are Graded competitions. Changes have been made to Munster Graded galas in 2016 - these are detailed below.

At national level Swim Ireland annually holds National Championships in Short Course Competition (25m) and Long Course Competition (50m). There are also National Age Group Competitions at two levels: Irish Age Groups Division 2 and Irish Age Groups (aka Div 1). There are also National/International Open Competitions (Dave McCullagh and the Summer Open).

The programme, schedule and qualifying times for each event are released by Swim Ireland Annually in the Club Handbook.

Championship Swimming in Munster follows the same structure with competition in Short Course, Long Course and Age Groups (in two divisions). Although Munster has added separate 'junior' and 'senior' qualification times for the main Championships.

High Performance Squads are in place at a number of levels, regionally and nationally. The aim of these is to allow the best swimmers to gain access to additional training hours and coaching support. Qualification for these squads is based on age-dependent times and generally renewed annually.

Clubs also hold their own Open or Invitational Galas independently. These offer opportunities to swim different race programmes outside the Championship and Graded competitions. Each club decides the level of swimmer they hope to attract to their gala and qualification and cut-off times are set accordingly.

Each year the SWSC Coaches review the gala programme and decide which competitions the club will enter. It is important to balance training and competition and SWSC may decide not to attend certain competitions.

What are the new graded galas and what do they mean?

There Is a new gala structure in place. - A new Development Gala. - The old Grade C becomes Grade 3, with some changes. - Grade B becomes Grade 2, again with similar changes, - Grade A becomes Grade 1. Ages for Grades 2 & 3 to be 7-11, 12/13 and 14+. Cut-off/qualifying times have now been introduced per age group whereas previously the same times applied to all.

Development Galas

These Novice galas and a stepping stone to Grade 3 galas. Events to be 50m Back, Breast, Free and 25m Fly. There are no qualifying times and swimmers will not be disqualified. However, each club will be given a record of their swimmers who had committed stroke

Swimmers would have to have two times from these galas before they were eligible to swim in Grade 3. As yet no criteria has been agreed for entering or progressing from these galas into grade 3.

Grade 3 Galas

Grade 3 galas replace Grade C with the same programme. Swimmers may enter four events but are only allowed enter either 100 freestyle or 100 Ind.Medley.

Swimmers achieving the cut off time in the 100m Freestyle and the 100m Ind. Medley event or the 100m Freestyle and 2 of the 50m events ( Back, Breast or Fly), or the 100m Ind. Medley and 2 of the 50m events ( Back, Breast or Fly) will then be eligible to swim in Grade “2” galas, and will no longer be considered Grade “3” swimmers.

Standards are now introduced for each age group, click on the link above for the times.

Grade 2 Galas

Swimmers achieving the grade 3 cut off standards may swim in a grade 2 gala.

Grade 2 Galas replace Grade B with the same programme. They may enter 4 events but are restricted to 1 of the 200m events.

Swimmers who achieve the cut off standards progress to Grade 1. Standards are now introduced for each age group, click on the link above for the full list of times.

Grade 1 Galas

Grade 1 will have 100m in all four strokes, 200m in all four strokes, 200m IM, 400m Free and 400m IM. It is generally not be possible to swim all the events at one gala so events are usually split. It is also expected that there will be two distance events( 800m & 1500m Freestyle) per season.